A drug delivery device maker was expanding their systems beyond their core business of external insulin pumps. They needed analytical testing protocols developed for insulin stability and other drug formulations for delivery systems.




  • Testing of insulin stability for permanently implanted delivery system – device was to be refilled every 6 months. Collaboration with an insulin producer to test possible formulations was key.
  • Testing of other drug formulations (primarily pain medication) for use in a constant flow temporarily implanted delivery system in development was needed.
  • Testing of other drug formulations (primarily pain medication and AIDS treatment cocktails) for use in the existing external delivery system was also needed.



  • Analytical methodology was based on published methods from the USP and/or published research articles. These methods were tested and modified based on in lab results to produce a consistent test result on drug and other formulation component composition.
  • The Lucid team was able to provide expertise in developing analytical testing protocols, a very specific field.
  • Drug compatibility with delivery systems is complex – often impacted by other constituents in the formulation.



Expanded use of the system opens up more treatment markets for the company, particularly for treatments that have a low patient compliance or benefit from a continuous influx of medication rather than dosed systems.

The implantable insulin pump is in clinical trials. The external pump has a version that is called the “general medication pump” and is used to deliver hypertension medication. Other drug constituents are under investigation.




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