A neurostimulation company focused on developing therapeutic systems for obesity, hypertension and diabetes, asked Lucid for product development expertise for a neuroregulator, a neuro lead, an external recharging system, and manufacturing/test equipment. In addition, they needed contact stability testing for the electrode portion of the implantable lead.




  • Time-to-market, rapid integration to existing design team, and numerous design challenges were all critical to a successful development.
  • Multiple aspects of the system were to be designed simultaneously.



  • Through the collaborative product development process, the Lucid team delivered rapid production solutions which were used in clinical settings.
  • Lucid upheld the design team’s objectives, management projections, and investors’ expectations by quickly understanding and adding value to the development of multiple complex elements of a complete implantable neuroregulator system.



The Lucid team worked seamlessly with the companies’ product design team to simultaneously develop multiple aspects of the system to bring about successful product commercialization.




Product Development