A thermal imaging company providing solutions to the commercial industry had limited time and resources to develop the next generation device. The company needed to raise significant amounts of funding for the development of the next-generation device and for the new tooling needed to fabricate the product.






The client needed to provide an initial concept and prototype to investors to provide further funding to develop the newly featured ergonomic product.



  • The Lucid team provided a design model and prototype in less than three weeks enabling the company to present the concept to investors. This proved instrumental in getting the funding started for the next generation device.
  • Lucid worked closely with the client’s development team with the design and development of three generations of products.



The depth of industry knowledge Lucid brought enabled the client access to new prototype processes in the industry. This process became instrumental in:

  • launching the product to the market earlier
  • generating revenue and increasing market share
  • supplementing the funding needed for the tooling costs

Lucid was instrumental in providing product development services for three generations of devices for this client, all of which were instrumental in generating significant growth in a small electronics technology development company.




Product Development